Statement of Principles and Mission Statement for the Abolish Work Affinity Group of the Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the Libertarian Party

Work as we know it has always been a product of coercion: either the exercise and threat of force or the denial of access to natural resources and opportunities have always been behind work. Throughout human history, work has seemed to be a necessary evil for the production of society, however our present society has reached a point where we have a choice to make. Technological innovation renders many forms of labor unnecessary and vastly increases the productivity of labor, as well as allowing for more efficient and equitable distribution of the products of labor.

Given this, we of the Abolish Work Affinity Group of the Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the Libertarian Party, find the institution of Work to be incongruent with the concepts of liberty, non-coercion, and social justice. The perceived “necessity” of coerced labor for the survival of humanity can no longer be argued for, it is wholly and purely a detriment to human life, of no benefit to the individual or society. What presently takes the form of coerced labor (work), must be replaced with inclined labor, productive play, and automated production if we wish to live in a free and just society.

Capitalism relies on the majority of humanity being deprived of resources, on a subjugated populace trained as workers, and a people that has no time or energy to develop fully as individuals in what ways they see fit. A population with free time on their hands and their needs met is dangerous to those in power.

Therefore, we call for the abolition of work. This would entail vast reductions in working hours, automation of labor, elimination of ‘bullshit jobs’*, and the creation of a ‘universal basic outcome.’**

Furthermore, we believe that the only way this can come about effectively and justly is from the bottom-up, by the people themselves, from the neighborhood to the municipality, and increasing in scale from there through larger confederations of people, until it is enjoyed by all. This is the only way to ensure that such measures are controlled by the people rather than by hierarchs, and that they benefit everybody instead of only some at the expense of others.

Practical steps towards this may include, though are not limited to: the formation of communal democratic assemblies; establishment of neighborhood and workplace mutual aid networks; municipal movements for universal basic income; and the formation of cooperatives for the provision of basic needs to people (at the lowest possible cost with the goal of making them free).

The Mission of the Abolish Work Affinity Group is to use social media to spread these ideas both within and without the Libertarian Socialist Caucus and the Libertarian Party as a whole, as well as to work with and network between various organizations, movements, unions, groups, and individuals who share in our goals and we find mutual benefit in working with.

For the enjoyment of everyday life, for the abolition of work!



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